Hilarious Moment Dogs Trying To Imitate Baby Crawling

These two Alaskan Malamutes notice that their little human friend just learn to crawl and they decide to give full support in the most adorable way ever.

Brown Sugar and Rice Candy have obviously passed their puppy phase but seeing the baby learning to crawl reminds them when they were just little puppies.

In a cute video recorded by the mother of the baby nicknamed Maple Syrup, the two fluffy dogs can be seen crawling behind the baby, imitating him.

While the baby looks like he has quite a tough time learning how to crawl on the floor, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy look at ease and wait patiently as they look on the baby.

At one point the baby checks behind him to see how his furry friends are doing and one of the dogs quickly catches up to him.

It is absolutely hilarious to see these dogs being supportive to their little buddy!

The mother later shared the video online with an intention to remind the people that pets and babies can get along well, just like this adorable trio.

Watch the full video of this baby getting full support and encouragement from his furry buddies here.



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