Almost 8 Years After Giving Birth To Octuplets, Here’s What Octomom Looks Like Today

Remember Nadya Suleman? Let’s refresh your memory and take you back in the year 2009. Nadya gained popularity by becoming the first ever Octomom 8 years ago. This is how she looks now.

Nadya Suleman became an overnight sensation for becoming an Octomom. Octomom became her new name and everyone around the world became strangely interested in the life of this new Octomom. For a great part of 2009, Nadya was constantly in news for something or the other.

It was the magic of her growing fame that she made appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil and was subject of a Fox documentary ‘Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage.’ She made complete use of all the media attention to attain fame.

The Real Struggle

But slowly with time, the fame started fading away and the finances to raise so many kids started becoming limited. The struggle of raising so many children became real. Once upon a time a popular mom, she slowly stepped out of the spotlight to focus on raising her 14 children.

Later, in order to make the ends meet, Nadya starred in adult movies, a step that she still regrets. The career in adult movies ended shortly as she started feeling uncomfortable. This is what she said, “There was definitely a catalyst — my girls, particularly my oldest daughter Amerah. She was about 10, and she started integrating my traits and behaviors,” she says. “After I had observed my daughter beginning to emulate me, I saw her going down that same potentially destructive path, and I realized at that moment I’d rather be homeless in my van with all 14 kids than continuing down this path. It was not what I wanted for my children.” Wanna know how she looks now?

A New Beginning

Nadya along with all her kids moved to Orange County, California. Today, she works as a family therapy counselor, and is very passionate about her job. She says, “I was alive again. As ‘Octomom,’ I was the walking dead. When I woke up and I went back to my roots, my helping profession, and my kids, we were struggling financially but it didn’t matter. I never felt so free and so happy in my life.”

This is how she looks now.

This is how her kids looks now. Amazing!

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