Violinist plays song from Disney’s ‘Moana.’ Now watch the dolphins swim to the music

Sometimes we can get stuck thinking that music is a specifically human thing, but as this incredible video shows, beautiful music can truly transcend species.

A talented woman decided to perform the violin for some dolphins at Acquario di Genova, and the results were absolutely mesmerizing. As soon as she decided to play, the dolphins immediately came to listen to her intently.

This was a performance hosted by European Association of Aquatic Mammals and was a special performance that was hosted specifically for the event. They aimed to teach the world about aquatic mammals, but they claimed that this does not happen at the aquarium regularly.

The dolphins swam/danced through the performance, and it was a truly unique setting for everyone and everything present at the show.

Check out the full video below! Life can seem divisive and tense, but it’s in these moments of beauty that we remember how truly beautiful the world can be.


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