Teen Spots A Sinking Car In A River, Immediately Dives In To Rescue Its 60-Year-Old Passenger

Callahan Rooney, a high school senior from Clarksburg, was just driving to a Halloween party from Delta High School. He was cruising alongside the Sacramento River on his way to school but suddenly spotted something weird in the river.

When the 16-year-old realized it was actually a car that had fallen into the water, he didn’t hesitate for a second and jumped in to see if someone was still inside and if he could help.

“I noticed a car in the water,” he said in a video item for FOX 40 News. “There was a lady in the car.”

Despite having plans to go to a Halloween party, this accident truly was the scare of the night. He noticed that the car was slowly sinking and that the woman who was driving wasn’t able to get herself free and was trapped behind the wheel.

It’s unclear how the woman ended up in the river in the first place, but thanks to the quick intervention of Callahan she quickly recovered and is now doing fine.

“As her car sank, I dove underwater, and I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of her car, swam her out to shore with her head above surface, because she was pretty unresponsive.”

Moments after the woman was saved by the brave teen, the local highway patrol arrived together with an ambulance. The woman was transferred to a medical facility.

Callahan’s courageous efforts were rewarded by the woman’s family with dinner and a nice $500 check, but Callahan himself says he only did the right thing. Clarksburg Highway Patrol also awarded Callaham with a certificate of community service.

An amazingly brave young man!

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