Dream job: be paid to sample whisky and travel the world

It’s only Tuesday, but if you’re sick of your working week and are already counting down to the weekend, then a change of career may be what you’re looking for.

If you love travel and a drink or two (who doesn’t?!) then get applying for Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador role, which has recently been added to their careers site.

The successful candidate will have to undertake responsibilities such as; be the ‘on call’ ambassador for local market visits, often last minute requests, oversee local market and agencies annual sampling agenda to ensure the right balance is struck and events / samples are as well executed as they can be. And finally, assist in the expansion of a global influencer network for the brand.

The application and selection process is split into sections, starting with the initial application, which is more creative than you might think.

As described on their website, the stages will help showcase the entrants creative side, as well as their understanding of the brand and its ideals.

Stage One – application

In the first stage, Grant’s want all applicants to suggest a drink for all the friends you’ve not yet met.

The only catch is, it must include three ingredients that reveal something about your personality.

Stage Two – The Mixer

After the first round, a selection of 20 applicants will be contacted for stage two – the mixer. These lucky people will be the best representation of the Grant’s brand’s motto – Stand Together.

Set to be a possible team building exercise, described as a ‘special event’, the brand is vague about what it will consist of, but it will happen here in Scotland.

Applicants will be set a number of challenges, competing for the chance to become one of the three ambassador finalists.

Stage three – The Journey

The final three applicants will be given a real taste of what it’s like to be a Global Brand Ambassador in this stage.

Each will visit three cities around the world during a ten day trip in October this year.

Armed with a suitcase of whisky, the finalists will work with the brand’s local teams and influencers to organise events, meet new friends and celebrate collective achievement along the way.

Each journey will be documented by a personal film-maker, with the candidate whose journey best represents the spirit of the brand awarded the job.

With the application stage now underway, get over to Grant’s website to find out more.

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