Japanese Fans Praised For Their Work Ethic Post Match, Cleaning Stadium After Colombia Win

MAYBE things are yet to really get moving but another night of sparky football is not widely matched today by unfettered praise.
Japan in particular is taking it easy.

he surprise rest of the night — the Blue Samurai defeating a much fancied Colombia 2-1 — has, so far, had something of a muted reaction back home, the 10 million circulation newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, preferring to point out how its supporters were outnumbered by a thronging South American contingent.

The UK’s Sun though is far more praising, and descriptive, of the Samurai support in Saransk.

“Japan showed once again why they have the best fans at the World Cup after they stayed behind to CLEAN up the stadium following their win against Colombia,” it gushes, something they did too at the last World Cup apparently after losing to the Ivory Coast.

Cleanliness though is catching clearly as hours later, Senegal fans stayed behind to clean up before leaving the stadium after a 2-1 win over a hapless Poland.

“This is the best thing you will see today,” read one tweet that carried a video of the tidy work.

Senegal⁠ fans cleaning their section before leaving the stadium after their historic victory against Poland. This is class.

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