Woman Meets Homeless Family Of 5 Living In A Broken Bus So She Comes Back With A House

Olivia, Eric, and their three daughters — a 4-week-old, a 14-month-old and a 5-year-old — were living in a partially converted school bus. The family of five had been traveling across the country when they broke down in Greeley, Colorado.

Broke and homeless, Olivia was certain the holiday season would be nonexistent for her kids.

Meanwhile, Virginia Finch and her daughters were preparing Thanksgiving meals for the homeless. They heard about a family living behind the nearby gas station and went to deliver the food to them.

It was Olivia and her brood.

Virginia and her daughters heard Olivia’s heartbreaking story. The second they got home, they began putting a plan in place for what they could do for the troubled family. With the cold season approaching, the Finch family couldn’t bear to think of the babies suffering in the cold.

“There’s no way I’m going to leave a baby with no crib for a bed on Christmas,” Virginia thought to herself.

That’s when Virginia thought of the second house they were preparing to sell or rent. She returned to Olivia with a proposition, and at first, the struggling mom of three thought it was some kind of cruel joke.

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