When Grocery Store Accidentally Leaves Doors Unlocked, Honest Customer Leaves $5 for Tomatoes

When a grocery store accidentally left their doors unlocked during a national holiday, their shoppers reacted with nothing but classic Canadian kindness and honesty.

The Food Basics supermarket in Kingston, Ontario was scheduled to be closed on February 18th in honor of Family Day. Due to a mistake from management, however, their doors were left unlocked.

Upon entering the empty store, several curious shoppers were confused by the lack of employees.

Though this would have been a perfect time to take advantage of the five-finger discount, only one customer reportedly left the store with groceries in hand – but not before he left some money on the counter.

“I was standing there trying to decide what to do, and a guy comes out of the store with two packages of cherry tomatoes,” an anonymous eyewitness told the Kingstonist.

“So I asked ‘Hey, buddy! You just taking some tomatoes?’ He said ‘I left $5 on the counter.’”

The customer then called Kingston Police to the scene where they waited onsite until management arrived just after 4PM.

Staffers were surprised to find that nothing had been damaged or taken except for the cherry tomatoes that had been overpaid for by the humble customer.

“The doors were open, and we don’t know … what’s to blame for that, but it appears that the store manager indicated nothing was seriously damaged or stolen,” a police spokesperson told the news outlet.

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