This Website Lets You Travel Around The World If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets

Imagine yourself getting to stay at the most amazing accommodations when travelling – from French farmhouses to Australian beach villas – all in exchange for looking after an adorable furbaby. A company called Trusted Housesitters allows you to do just that for around $100 a year.

The concept is simple, yet genius – it connects people wanting to travel the world, but feeling guilty about leaving their pets behind, with trustworthy, vetted travellers who would love to look after their house and pets in exchange for accommodation.

To secure the most breathtaking houses to stay at, you’ll need to build a good reputation. But that’s relatively easy to do if you’re willing to petsit in your town in exchange for reviews. Your chances of scoring that dream mansion getaway are higher if you also make sure to get someone to write you a character reference and have your ID documents checked online.

Then you’re ready to hit the road and get to housesit that three-storey mansion you’ve always dreamed about – while enjoying the most charming four-legged company. Some people quit their jobs to do it!


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