Teacher Carries Student With Cerebral Palsy On School Hiking Trip

When Maggie Vazquez’s class was planning a two-day hike, the sick little girl did not know if she could go with them. The 10-year-old is suffering from cerebral palsy and could not walk a 40-mile trail.

After months of finding solutions, her teacher, Helma Wardenaar, decided to take the girl to her back.

The beloved teacher bought a 300$ kids’ walker for Maggie and would start with 50 kids and 10 staff members for Camp Sullivan.

We saw birds, frogs, and deer. We were able to do what their peers did, she told CBS News.

Ms. Helma, as her students call her, said that the transfer of Maggie to the trip from May 30 to June 1 was tedious, but she did not care, because the little girl was happy.

Maggie is amazing. She sang her own song. When you have a child who enjoys the moment and is with his peers, it is unique. These were moments I had to offer her, the teacher said.

Maggie’s mother, Michelle Vazquez, said that Mrs. Wardenaar, who knows her daughter from kindergarten, did something remarkable and humane.

It was amazing, she immediately acted and made Maggie happy. She always supported her. Not only hiking and camping are just a small part. There are many other good things she has done for my child, she said.


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