Man Finds Leashed Dog Alone On Dirt Road Raising Suspicion When He Hears Cry For Help In Distance

Tow truck driver Marty Hall Jr. was tooling about in the hills of California out on a job when he caught a glimpse of something strange in the road up ahead. He slowed down and realized it was a dog.

At first, Marty thought the dog was a stray or lost. Then, he noticed the dog was wearing a collar with a leash attached to it.

Instantly Marty became suspicious. He even tried to lure the dog close to him with his sandwich, but the dog refused to budge.

It just sat there in the middle of the road. Marty paused to think, turned off his truck engine, and that’s when he heard it.

A faint cry for help.

“Hold on! I heard something. Hello?”

The dog trotted off toward the sound and Marty followed. That’s when he saw it.

An elderly man named Paul — the dog’s owner — had fallen down an embankment and was injured. He couldn’t move.

Paul had been there since 5 a.m. and Marty didn’t find him until noon. The dog refused to abandon its owner and actually had wandered to the road to seek help.

The dog and Paul only lived about a mile away. It turned out a second dog had stayed by Paul’s side while the first one sought help, but it wouldn’t let Marty near Paul.

So Marty headed to Paul’s house to retrieve his wife in the hopes she could help. He also called 911 for medical assistance.

Thanks to Paul’s wife intervening, rescue workers were able to assist Paul. What incredible and loyal dogs!

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