Kitten Has Team of Piglets to Watch Over Him During His Seizures

Sriracha the kitten and Batman the pig may have been an unlikely pairing – but the adorable duo has created an unexpected impact on the feline’s health.

The two met at Rancho Relaxo, an animal sanctuary based out of Woodstown, New Jersey. When the pawesome pals first got together, they were virtually inseparable.

The friendship was especially helpful for Sriracha. The young cat suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition in which the cerebellum is not fully developed at birth, which results in the animal experiencing seizures and shaky motor control.

Though it’s an unfortunate condition, Batman had always been there to keep an eye on his buddy.

When Batman recently passed away from congenital issues, his place was more than filled by the orphan piglet’s sibling: Dragonlord.

“As [Dragonlord] warmed up to me over the last 24 hours, I realized that he is his own little person,” says Caitlin Cimini, the Rancho Relax founder. “And although he is blood-related to Batman, he is completely different. Dragonlord took to Sriracha even better than Batman did.”

While Batman’s passing is sad, his sibling will continue to look after his ailing pal no matter what problems his health issues cause.

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