Johnny Depp visits B.C. Children’s Hospital dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow

Actor Johnny Depp made a group of kids at B.C. Children’s Hospital very happy on Monday.

Depp, who is in Vancouver to film Richard Says Goodbye, morphed into Captain Jack Sparrow, the character he made famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, to visit kids at the hospital on Monday afternoon.

Looking like Sparrow and sounding a lot like Keith Richards, Depp spent several hours visiting patients, never once breaking character.

“He was never Johnny Depp, he was always Jack Sparrow,” one hospital employee said.

It’s not the first time the actor has shown up in public dressed as his most famous character.

In 2015, Sparrow visited a children’s hospital in Brisbane, Australia while Depp was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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