Dog’s Barking Saves Owner’s Life

A dog’s bark is proving far better than his bite.

It actually ended up saving his owner’s life.

“I wanted to get up and move and I just couldn’t get off my chair,” said Greg Looney, stroke survivor.

Looney said he is lucky to be alive after suffering a stroke last October. He is not going through recovery, but it’s not just his doctors he and his wife credit with saving his life.

“He has never barked that loudly. It was just a frantic, urgent, non-stop bark and he was at the door with his face at the door the whole time,” said Pam Looney, Greg’s wife.

It was almost 3 a.m. when their German shepherd dog named Garrett began to go ballistic. Pam said she brushed it off at first and tried to get him to calm down, not knowing at the other end of their home her husband was having a medical emergency.

“Greg didn’t fall. He didn’t drop anything. It wasn’t like he made a noise. And dog was like ‘oh my God.’ And going, ya know. There was just no noise coming from the other room. So, he sensed that Greg had an issue,” Pam said.

The looney said the term “good boy” doesn’t even come close to describing Garrett. To them he is their hero.

“Oh, he absolutely saved Greg’s life. Because he got me out there to give Greg the help he needed to get him to the hospital for Dr. Adel to do what he does,” Pam said.

Dr. Joseph Adel is the cerebrovascular neurosurgeon the Looneys were quickly sent to. He said timing truly is everything.

“The faster we intervene, the faster we can re-vascularize the brain – which means allow the blood to go back to the brain tissue – the better people do,” Adel said.

As for Greg, he is thankful for his four-legged friend and hero.

“Like I said, he helped me out,” Greg said.


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