Cow Who Escaped NYC Slaughterhouse Celebrates His Freedom Anniversary in the Sweetest Way

Freddie the cow has lived an eventful and exciting life. After escaping a slaughterhouse and roaming the streets of New York City in January 2016, he was rescued by Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey. After settling in and adjusting to his newfound freedom, Freddie finally learned what it meant to live like a cow, surrounded by fresh air with grass under his hooves, free from fear of abuse or slaughter. He also began to break out of his shell and socialize with new cow friends at the sanctuary.

With all this fun and excitement, time sure has flown by, and it is hard to believe it has already been two years since Freddie has been at Skylands. In the above video, we see Freddie celebrating his second anniversary of freedom with Skylands’ director, Mike Stura, in the sweetest way possible — with chin scratches and kisses!

Freddie is a wonderful example of how intelligent and gentle cows are. In a world where farmed animals like cows are reduced to mere commodities and treated like disposable objects, it is refreshing and important to see a cow being treated like a someone, not a something.

If you would like to stay posted on Freddie’s life at Skylands or make a donation to the non-profit sanctuary, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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