Brazilian Beachgoers Clap to Reunite Lost Boy with Mother

This crowd on a Brazilian beach had a clever solution for reuniting a lost boy with his family. The young boy was separated from his mom, while his family was spending time on the beach in Ubatuba. Instead of walking around looking for the mother, the adult who was helping him began clapping. This encouraged other beachgoers to begin clapping in unison and chant “Lost, lost, lost, lost” in Portuguese. Although they were without any method of broadcasting the child’s whereabouts, the communal clapping began to catch the attention of other people on the beach.

The clapping, which is a common technique to help lost kids in Brazil, helped bring attention to the man who was with the lost boy. According to the person who captured the footage on New Year’s Eve, it took roughly 10 minutes for the boy to be reunited with his mother.

“When we suddenly heard some clapping, at first we thought it was someone’s birthday” explained beachgoer Aline Biana Motta Rodrigues. “But I noticed that the man who was with the child signaled that he was lost.”

This video is both heartwarming and useful for anyone who may need to use it in the future. Rather than walking around, looking for the person you’ve been separated from, try staying in one place and getting their attention from afar.

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