Architect Has Transformed An Old Cement Factory Into His House, And The Interior Is Breathtaking

When Ricardo Bofill discovered an old cement factory in 1973, he saw a world of possibilities. Then, la fábrica was born, and approximately 45 years later, the structure has been turned into a spectacular and extraordinary home.

The factory, situated outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine which had closed down and this came with many repairs to be done when Ricardo Bofill and his team purchased it. After some years of partial deconstruction, the determined architect laced the exterior of the property with vegetation and furnished the interior as a modern living and workspace.

To this day, la fábrica is a work in progress, to which Bofill likens his life, as his visions for the future still change shape. The industrial chimneys which once filled the air with smoke now overflow with lush greenery, an excellent example of the fascinating transformations which result from creative thinking.

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