98-Year-Old Has Written Nearly 7,000 Letters To Troops Overseas: ‘I am Going To Write As Long as I Can’

98-year-old has proved the art of letter writing isn’t lost.

The California woman, Alleen Cooper, has been writing letters to overseas military members, starting with her own son, since the Vietnam War.

Cooper told WBTV that she started writing letters to provide comfort to soldiers. Cooper’s son, Larry, survived the Vietnam War but still struggles with post traumatic stress disorder.

All of Cooper’s letters are at least four pages long and she makes sure no two are alike.

In return, soldiers have sent her commendations and even flags from their bases.

On Friday, Cooper connected with one of the Marines she’d previously written to.

Cooper first wrote to Staff Sgt. Chris Cantos years ago when he was in a remote area of Afghanistan with no wireless internet, according to the station. The only contact the Marines had with home was letters.

“She would always send us clippings and jokes. She would tell us about her day,” Cantos told WBTV.

Six years ago, Cooper started counting her letters. Since then, she’s reportedly sent nearly 7,000.

Although her hands now get tired, Cooper said her mission is far from over.

“I decided I’m going to write as long as I can,” Cooper said.

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