Man Breaks Woman’s Fall from Ninth-Floor Balcony in Chile

A Haitian man risked his life to save a woman falling from her ninth-floor balcony in Chile, according to video footage taken by neighbors who witnessed the ordeal.

The video shows the woman holding onto a balcony railing for dear life before plunging to what most people would think would be her death.

Despite the fall, this woman lived to see another day — thanks to a Good Samaritan named Richard Joseph, the Daily Mail reports.

Joseph used his body to shield the woman’s fall as she quickly moved towards the ground. Witnesses could be heard screaming as the dramatic moment unfolded, according to the video.

Separate footage included in the 39-second video showed the aftermath of the impact, with both the woman and Joseph lying on the ground.

Both were rushed to the hospital but survived the fall. Paramedics initially thought the woman was dead because she had not been breathing and she had blood coming out of her nose, but they noticed signs of life after several minutes.

She is thought to be in serious condition, although the hospital has not officially released her condition.

Joseph suffered injuries to his knee, arm, and foot, but that did not stop him from telling local Chilean newspaper La Tercera about his experience.

Joseph, who had lived in Chile for years after coming from Haiti, said he spotted the woman dangling from the balcony while he was exiting a bus. He then noticed the crowd of people surrounding her shortly before she fell to the ground.

“At first, I took my mobile and started to record like others but then I realised it wasn’t the moment to film but to think how I could help that lady,” he said. “I decided to try to cushion her fall, although I didn’t think I would actually save her, but I wanted to stop her head from hitting the ground.”

Leonardo Farkas, a Chilean billionaire whose parents emigrated to South America, tweeted in support of Joseph’s act of kindness shortly after the news broke and offered to pay Joseph’s medical expenses.

“Ask Richard Joseph, Haitian hero who saved the life of a woman, where I can deposit the two million Chilean pesos to pay his medical bill,” the translation of Farkas’ tweet says.

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